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Voormi, Pagosa Springs’s Homegrown Outdoor Apparel Manufacturer, Opens Second Store

VOORMI®, manufacturer of the world’s most innovative natural-fiber-based performance apparel, opened its second company-owned retail store in Bozeman, Montana. The newly renovated 4,000- square-foot space, located at 17 East Main Street, in the heart of the historic downtown district, will house both retail and on-site apparel manufacturing.

The new store follows the model of the company’s headquarters in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, by creating a hive for like-minded mountain professionals and outdoor enthusiasts to experience the difference that well-designed gear can truly make.

By combining the finest qualities of wool and other natural fibers with the world’s most advanced manufacturing techniques, VOORMI builds premium performance apparel on a platform of unique and proprietary textiles you won’t find anywhere else.